Marine One with US President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump passes the Washington Monument as it departs the White House in Washington, DC, on January 20, 2021. (Photo by EVAN VUCCI/POOL/AFP via Getty Images)

Heavenly Father, my King, my Lord, I pray for Donald Trump as he transitions out of this job where You placed him for the last four years. Thank You for the good that was done under his leadership, although I confess I need Your help to recognize them.

I also thank You that You have used these last four years to shine light on both our individual and collective sins which have been hidden in plain sight for too long. …

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’Twas the night before the election and all through the nation

Not a person was resting despite their af-fil-i-a-tion.

Some votes had been mailed, some remained to be cast

The suspense was just awful. How long will this last?

Home from a long day, we threw off our masks

Plopped onto the sofa, and opened our flasks.

All day there’d been warnings, preparations, precautions,

In case people forget Chapter 3 of Colossians.

When out of the noise there arose a reminder

That we STILL have a chance to, on Wednesday, be kinder.


Several years ago I wrote How to Pray For a President I Don’t Wanna Pray For. In light of today’s news that the President and First Lady have tested positive for COVID, I was reminded in many ways this morning that praying for them should be our immediate, and most impactful, response. Unfortunately here I am nearly 3 years later, still struggling with this. If you are too, please pray with me.

God, you know that my first reaction when I looked at my phone notifications this morning bordered on gleeful (sidenote: the word schadenfreude is trending). I have been…

There isn’t a lot to be grateful for when we look at the past four years. I have been angry and discouraged and, lately, scared. I still can’t understand how anyone can look at (or overlook for that matter) the vile things this administration has done, and the lies it has pushed, and still proudly put a Trump-Pence sign in their yard. But good is coming from this; I believe I have personally matured and am better off because of it.

  1. It has forced me to examine my heart for immigrants and people of color. I have been sick at…

This morning my pastor gave a message called “Bringing God into the Negative,” in which he reminded us of the power of thankfulness. My favorite quote, one I needed to hear, is “Dispel grumpiness through the discipline of gratitude” (emphasis mine). I’m not going to recap the whole message; I encourage you to watch it here. This space is for me to practice my own gratitude. I would love to hear yours — please share in the comments!

I’m thankful for government leaders who make decisions to keep us safe, and for a government structure that allows us to advocate…

My computer screen at 3:30am last Sunday

Things I learned in a 24 hour period while helping create our new church’s online service (an incomplete list)

  • Videos that will be watched by approximately 20 children take a really long time to upload onto Vimeo
  • The extent to which you will care about the quality of the video is indirectly proportional to the time it takes for a video to upload onto Vimeo
  • The lyrics to the 80’s song “Living on Video” can be easily replaced by “Waiting on Vimeo”
  • The only thing that takes longer than a video uploading onto Vimeo is getting the song “Living on…

in which I attempt to live out 1 Timothy 2 in a Proverbs 29 world

Since Trump entered the political arena, I have responded with tweets, posts, and even a poem. I have written with humor, righteous anger, and even logic. I have been overcome with anger, disgust, and even a hope that the end of the world might come soon. But the one thing I haven’t done nearly enough is pray.

Recently I was reminded of two Biblical truths. The first is that complaining, worrying and hostility are pointless. They can only exacerbate the negativity. …

Someone needs to read our President a bedtime story.

Dr. Seuss wrote “The Butter Battle Book” in 1984 as a cautionary tale about both the absurdity of nuclear war and the tenuous hold by the two sides who are threatening it. We were all terrified at the time that President Reagan had one finger hovering over that button at all times, and that Gorbachev was doing the same.

I remember being assigned by my 7th grade History teacher to watch “The Day After” (a movie about nuclear war) and how I couldn’t sleep for, well, days after. The Genesis music…

In which I attempt to critique the media without sounding like, you know…

If you’ve read any of my stuff, or ever had a conversation with me about anything at all, you most likely know that I am not a Trump supporter. I’ve been struggling with how to respond to, well, everything that’s been going on these past 12 months or so. …

I remember the first time I saw “Saving Private Ryan.” (Incidentally it’s also the last time…not exactly the kind of movie I tend to feel like watching more than once). Obviously there were images and scenes that stayed with me — some horrifying, some heart-breaking. But the part that impacted me the most is Captain Miller’s death scene. (sorry, should I have added the words “spoiler alert” before that? Too soon?)

That scene is beautiful for so many reasons: the acting (duh, it is Tom Hanks after all), the cinematography (duh, it is a Spielberg film), and — this is…

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There are a lot of voices out there. I hope to be one of reason, faith and love.

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